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FORUT Norway Team Visit Namalgama

Reflecting on a fantastic Independence Day event! On February 4, 2024, WSEEDS Vavuniya South and RAHAMA came together for a memorable celebration at Namalgama Preschool.With around 47 participants, including Preschool Children, Self Help Groups, Children's Club members, WSEEDS members and RAHAMA staff, the event was a true success. The program kicked off at 8:00 AM and wrapped up at 10:40 AM.

The Sri Lankan National Flag was proudly hoisted by Mr. Staale Staverum, the International Program Director for FORUT, during the opening ceremony. Notably, Norwegian Adger High School students and teachers joined in the festivities, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

The President of WSEEDS South warmly welcomed everyone and shared insights into the organization's actions, changes, successes, and challenges. Experience stories were shared, highlighting the impact of WSEEDS. The event featured exhibitions, dances, and traditional food servings, creating unforgettable moments.

A special thanks to Mr. Staale Staverum, the International Program Director for FORUT, and Norwegian Adger High School students and teachers for their enthusiastic participation.

Recent presentations & visits unfolded with the FORUD Director, alongside students and teachers from Norwegian Adger High School. These dynamic presentations highlighted the incredible collaboration among NVQ Level 04 students, Employment Creation,RAHAMA, and DATC.

Recent presentations & visits unfolded with the FORUD Director, alongside students and teachers from Norwegian Adger High School. These dynamic presentations highlighted the incredible collaboration among NVQ Level 04 students, Employment Creation,RAHAMA, and DATC.

Norway Students Visit Oddusuudan DATC

Staale Visit RAHAMA

Mr. Staale Staverum, The International Program Director for FORUT International was on a mission to Sri Lanka from the first day to to the fifth day of February 2024. He visited RAHAMA’s operations in the north of Sri Lanka. Prominence was given to projects such as VGS, Hetland and NORAD Projects while a special visit to the ECCT Project where mitigation of human trafficking and illegal migration is on the rise in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Staale also looked into its 19 to 23 programme and was impressed with the progress RAHAMA has made so far. Mr. Staale Staverum also mentioned that the 2024-2028 programme is on the pipeline and RAHAMA would receive a positive reply sooner. In the afternoon a meeting took place with RAHAMA’s Boundary Partners and during this meeting The Boundary Partners WSEEDS from north and south presented their programmes and most significant changes which had taken during RAHAMA’s intervention.

RAHAMA supports its ADAT resource team and in collaboration with the Poonakary DS Office to organize an awareness raising street drama on December 15 2023. This engaging initiative unfolded across four village GS divisions in the Poonakary district, spreading the message on the prevention of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. A total of 413 children, youth, and parents participated, making it a community-driven effort to promote a healthier and brighter future for all.

ADAT Street Darma

Saraswathi Pooja

RAHAMA staff organized a Saraswathi Puja today (24th October 2023) at their office which is widely believed to bring success and prosperity to one's work and endeavors. All Staff members participated in this event despite their religion or beliefs.

RAHAMA’s The Ladies Tailoring Center in Periyakulam, Vavuniya, received invaluable support from the collaborative efforts of the Mental Health Unit at District Hospital and the Divisional Secretariat of Vavuniya, in partnership with RAHAMA, as part of the LOS Project. On February 1, 2024, a substantial contribution of materials and furniture, valued at LKR 70,000/-, was provided to the center.

Key representatives, including the Team Leader and Project Coordinator from RAHAMA, collaborated with the Development Officer from the Industrial Development Board and Psychiatry-Social-Workers from the Mental Health Unit to commemorate the inaugural event.

In the journey ahead, the Industrial Development Board will play a pivotal role in meticulously monitoring the business, overseeing the implementation of new designs, and managing the strategic marketing aspects of the Tailoring Center. This collaborative endeavor signifies a noteworthy stride towards the empowerment and sustainable growth of the Tailoring Centre and its partners, illustrating the positive impact of community-focused initiatives.

The Ladies Tailoring Center in Periyakulam

RAHAMA BPs Progress Review

RAHAMA Progress reviewed with BPs on the last 5 years of the achievements and changes made from 2019 to 2023 project period. Which was held at RAHAMA office on 26 & 27th of January 2024.

The RAHAMA Team actively participated in the "CAREER FAIR" held at the Cultural Hall in Jaffna on the 20th and 21st of February. The event was organized by the North Chief Secretary's office and District Secretary's office. Our team collaborated with World Vision and Sarvodaya to conduct an impactful awareness program on Human Trafficking and Safe Migration. Over 800 youth, children, parents, and government officers attended this event. Together, let's strive for a safer and more informed community.

Today, on the 20th of February 2024, SAFE Foundation is providing support and coordination to this program. Tomorrow, on the 21st of February 2024, the program will continue under the coordination of the SAFE Foundation. This program aims to provide essential support to students, unemployed youth, job seekers, and employees in the informal sector. Specifically, the career fair will offer a range of services, including career guidance, employment opportunities (both local and foreign), educational pathways (including vocational and higher education), entrepreneurship development, skills recognition through RPL, and registration for skills passport eligibility.

Jaffna Career Fair

BPs Proposal Development Workshop

Exciting News from RAHAMA Sharing key moments from our recent Consultation Workshop held at the RDF Training Center in Vavuniya.

The workshop was a collaborative effort involving six vital Boundary Partners: Kilinochci Gramashakthi, WSEEDS Vavuniya North and South, Oddusuddan - Katchillaimadu Working women Society, Poonakary -KPMK ( Kalvi Mempattu Malarchi Koodam) , and Manthai East Women Society. Taking place on March 1st and 2nd, 2024, the event brought together 40 participants, including RAHAMA staff. The central focus was on shaping a forward-looking Proposal for 2024-2028, incorporating the innovative ideas and perspectives of our Boundary Partners.

Reflecting on a Remarkable Gathering! March 3, 2024, stands out as a significant day when RAHAMA had the honor of hosting the esteemed FORUT Donner visit led by Mr. Ingvar, along with 11 dynamic team members at our project office for a meeting with our staff. The atmosphere exudes warmth as we engage in a productive discussion, addressing a range of agenda points. From sharing invaluable insights to outlining our vision, operational model, and the intricate workings of RAHAMA, we delved into the essence of our mission. The session shed light on substantial milestones achieved between 2019 and 2023, covering project goals, target groups, outcomes, and impacts. We presented a forward-looking strategy for 2024-2028, accompanied by a candid discussion on challenges and the future trajectory of RAHAMA. The meeting concluded with an exploration of the IDP settlement project and detailed insights into our boundary partners. This collaborative exchange was truly enriching, and our heartfelt gratitude goes to Mr. Ingvar and the FORUT team for their invaluable contribution!

2nd Norway Visit