"Recovery and humanitarian Action Management Agency"

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 To contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the vulnerable and affected population,    according    to the principles and guidelines laid out by the long term policy documents of the Government of    Sri Lanka.

 Promote community involvement and participation in all programs, with the support of the local government    and other organizations who are stakeholders in the recovery and development process.



Mission Statement

The mission of The Agency is to pursue the integrated, sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development of the territory of the selected Districts of Sri Lanka, by promoting and facilitating the coordinated effort of key local actors and the establishment of a conducive environment for enhancing the existing potential in the local, national and international context, and in particular to:    

Non - racial, ethnic, religious, caste or any other divisions.

Equality , gender balance, conflict resolution ,  reduction of alcohol    and drugs  and peace building etc.

Focus on extremely vulnerable groups.

National and international guidelines.

Work with the approval of the government of Sri Lanka.
   Humanitarian accountability.


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