"Recovery and humanitarian Action Management Agency"

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Focus on livelihood assets (economic, social, physical, environmental, organizational) programs and to raise the income level of the communities and returnees population and to raise generating resources to fulfil the needs to improve the conditions, by integrating self reliance and participatory approaches, in close consultation  with the national , regional, district level government and nongovernmental organisations.

Contribute to increase economic initiative and employment opportunities for the local population, including its disadvantaged and vulnerable segments, through the diversification and integration of economic activities within production chains of value;  
Asses the needs and requirements of the target population, and developing action plans following the policy and principles adopted by the government, and its agencies, with the purpose of supplementing and complementing the national efforts.

Revitalizing and developing education and skill training opportunities and improving access to tertiary/vocational education, information services and life skills (that supports employment, potential employment and empowerment) – human capital

Strengthening the extension services and market facilities.

Ensuring provision of basic amenities – shelter, water and sanitation.

Contribute to identify needs and opportunities for putting into value local resources and knowledge, and facilitate their effective interaction through the elaboration and implementation of shared local development strategies and plans.  

Contribute to enhance and facilitate dialogue and cooperation among public and private actors in developing policies, services and innovative administrative practises for territorial development; 

Contribute to enhance the image and recognition of the affected communities and its specific features, and connect it to other national and international territories within a dynamic partnership framework. 

Reinforce networks of local actors particularly producers and services providers aimed at contributing to the socio-economic development of the area.

Favour and disseminate innovation as regards business ideas, appropriate technologies, partnerships for local governance and economic initiative.  



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