How Microfinance adds value to ascertain a bright future.

Case Story 04: 

Case of Kanagamma, Viswamadu, Mullaithivu.

Kanagamma  being the bread-winner of her family and the mother of 5 children  returned to her original location in Viswamadu which was one of the   worst affected areas during the latter part of the war.    Under given situation she had to start living from the zero level yet managed to find accommodation and to continue education of children with the elementary assistance received from the Government.  Following several   other women she too, joined the Women’s Co-operative, Viswamadu and proceeded as an active member also continuing her monthly savings and regular attendance on meetings.

Kanagamma shared her view articulating that  “ Resuming normal life style  after a protracted displacement is not that easy.   Though we had a   good living pattern prior to the war it was totally disrupted  to a greater extent  and thank for those  care givers  who helped us. Our cooperative could start link with RAHAMA in 2015 through the District  Secretariat. RAHAMA being an agency involved in humanitarian actions assisted our cooperative with needed capacity building in order to assist low income families to start income generating activities through micro credit added with supportive action.  While my associates started  varied short-term income earning activities I could start a boutique since there was no similar shops in the close proximity. In this regard RAHAMA provided a loan capital to our co-operative and I could borrow from our President Rs.30,000/= for which RAHAMA also helped me to prepare the investment plan, simple accounting systems etc.,

 I could settle the loan within 10 months and could obtain 2nd. Loan of Rs. 45,000/= to make wider my boutique to sell more items based on the needs of customers.  In 2017 I could borrow my third loan for further expansion of sales. Recent stock taking disclosed that the value of stock in my enterprise was nearing Rs. 100,000/=. Accordingly I managed to keep a good customer relationship while earning satisfactory regular income to meet my domestic needs and to continue education of my 5 children in a progressive manner.  Compared to several other shop owners, I could reach more stable status of my business mainly due to the capacity support provided by RAHAMA and the administrative support made available by  the officials of Co-op. movement and  the district authorities  for assistance made available  under resettlement

At this juncture, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all for the support extended including RAHAMA and the donor agencies for survival of my family.