Avenues for stable income through partnership

Case of        Sivalingam  Arunthathi

Sivalingam Arunthathi returned to their previous living place  in  Madukkulam  in Vavuniya district in 2011.  At the time of resettlement    she together with her family faced many difficulties   to re-commence  the means of livelihoods.  In 2015, she got membership in a community based organization named;  Federation for Integrated Rural Management (FIRM) a district bound organization.  FIRM being  one of the partner institutions associated with RAHAMA had received a credit fund through REEDCo  in order to assist poor who could not access for lending through institutions or Banks. Objective of this wholesale lending was to  enhance   livelihoods of the poor.  Accordingly, she got a loan of Rs 25,000  through  FIRM and started Onion cultivation with the support of her spouse.    This endeavor helped her to invest some money   to buy a Goat as well.

She could repay the loan within the agreed duration and could obtain Second loan of  Rs 50,000  in early  2018  and extended   her cultivation with other crops such as Ground-nut, Pumpkin, Brinjal, Beans and Chillie.  Through the income she derived through farming   she manage to buy   two milking cows too.  At present, she is getting  regular  income   while also continuing regular savings.     She expresses her gratitude to FIRM organization, Div. Secretary in Vavuniya  and RAHAMA  and the Donors  for the support given to them to enhance their living standards.