Equal opportunity for the differently abled youth

Case Of   Subhashinie, Kilinochchi     

The concept of equal opportunity for all, adopted by RAHAMA was an exceedingly successful mission in it’s concern on differently abled youth under the  post war setting in the Northern districts in Sri Lanka.

RAHAMA in collaboration with District Vocational Training Centre (DVTC) – Kilinochchi arranged an event to deliver sets of tools and equipment to a batch of unemployed  youth those who successfully completed the Vocational training course conducted by the DVTC.    The key objective of this  collaborative project  was to create self-employment avenues for unskilled youth including those differently abled youth. The required funding for this action was endowed  by  FORUT Norway though RAHAMA.

The Government Agent, Kilinohchi district  attended this  event as the chief guest stated in his speech that  “I am very happy to participate in this event, arranged by  RAHAMA in collaboration with  the DVTC in Kilinochchi   to mainstream the skills of unemployed youth having equipped them with advanced skills , practical know-how and the necessary tools and equipment as well while guiding them to start the self employments”.    Both speakers represented RAHAMA and the DVTC too shared views on the effective intervention made available by the Govr. Agent and the other staff


Subashini a trained garment worker in Kilinochchi  says that she is capable of earning 2000/00 LKR per week  as an added  income. She  added “general norm is that those  differently abled individuals are an extreme  burden to the family.  But RAHAMA together with DVTC provided vocational training also targeting  self employment  in particular for disabled youth  also  added with   leadership skills  and improved confidence to start an industry under  self employment.  Including myself the whole batch received tools and equipment to start a product unit, Accordingly those   differently abled  youth  could   improve family based  livelihoods    to support the family  instead of  depending on the family.  In this respect, I extend my sincere  thanks to RAHAMA, district authorities, DVTC and very specially the  donors.