A farmer and also works part-time

Nadeesha Lakmali Jayasundera – location: Thirapane,Anurdhapura

 Nadeesha Lakmali Jayasundera (20) lives in Thirappane in the Anuradhpura District. Her father is a farmer and also works part-time at the Road Development Authority. Nadeesha’s mother is a housewife and Nadeesha also has two younger sisters. Nadeesha and her sister’s do not even have a desk to study in their home. In spite of this, Nadeesha obtained 2 A’s and a B for her Advanced level examination in 2012 in the Arts stream and was also ranked 137 in the Anurdhapura district. In 2013, Nadeesha was selected to the faculty of Humanities at the University of Kelaniya and is currently pursuing a B.A in Korean, Sinhala and Mass Communication.
Nadeesha was a beneficiary of a monthly BDS scholarship of Rs.1000 for two years for her Advanced level Examination. Nadeesha states that this assistance given by BDS greatly assisted her family in paying for the private extra classes required for the Advanced level examination. Nadeesha states that when she was pursuing her ordinary level examination, her family could not afford to send her for any extra classes and she felt this was a big disadvantage to her.
Talking about her future plans, Nadeesha states that she hopes to specialize in the Korean language at University and stated that she was very grateful for the assistance given to her to achieve her dream of an university education.  Plans are already being made by BDS to continue supporting Nadeesha for her university education as her family is not in a position support her with this