International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day  assisted by RAHAMA.

Ascertaining those gaps prevailing on child rights under post recovery circumstances is considered as one of the priorities of RAHAMA.. Early childhood development, renovation of damaged infra structure, assistance for (PS) teachers to follow advance courses were key components attended. Moreover, RAHAMA extended it’s support to celebrate the International Children’s Day events as well.

The celebration of International Children’s Day  was held in Mullaitivu , Kilinochchi, Poonakery and in Viaswamadu with the participation of more than 1,000 children with the focused theme of “Let’s pay attention on secured rights for Education” . Member students of Child co-operatives initiated by RAHAMA in collaboration with school principals and the authorities of Co-operatives also held one other celebration of Int. Children’s Day in the Government School in Visvamadu with the participation of 500 students. Children used this opportunity to highlight that the Child rights are affected at domestic level too, due to Alcoholism, Gender based violence etc., . Poor Parental Care, disharmony within

certain families and violence which are elements obstructing regular attendance in schools and were taken such incidences as thematic discourses. A “Memorandum Of Understanding ” too, on above stated causes and effects was officially handed over to the Divisional Authorities of Poonakary by a team of children. Showing immediate response on the said MOU, those officials presented at the event briefed their expressions on how to mitigate such menaces by strengthening relevant administrative procedures.